Welcome to Riding The Giants 2022

Music: The Aviators by Helen Jane Long. Pictures: HauteRouteTV

Since its inception in 2012, Action for A-T has grown to become the one of the world’s leading A-T medical research charities, to date investing nearly USD 5 million in projects around the globe, but with the world suffering a pandemic on a scale not seen in 100 years, the need for continued fund-raising has become more acute.

In recognition of this fund-raising need, and to mark the 10th anniversary of the original Riding the Giants in 2012, Riding the Giants 2022 aims to provide much needed financial support to Action for A-T while offering an intense, but enjoyable, 5-day cycling experience in the French Alps for those willing to take on the physical and fund-raising challenges.

Underpinning the planning of the event are three key objectives:

– Raise as much money as possible for Action for A-T;

Minimize the impact on participants of time away from families and jobs;

Keep the cost to participate realistic and affordable.

With this in mind, the 2022 ride will be bigger than the 2012 in order to reduce the unit cost of the ride while also increasing the potential for fund-raising. The ride will also avoid school holidays to reduce the time away from work and families. Managing these demands of cost, time and fund-raising along with the training requirements of a ride of this nature is also why interest in this event is being solicited 18 months ahead of time.

The goal is to fix the dates and itinerary by November 2021, after the route of the 2022 Tour de France has been made public and any potential clashes with Riding the Giants have been avoided, but provisionally the ride will take place on the following days:

Sunday 26th June, 2022Individual travel to Geneva Airport / La Léchère les Bains
Monday 27th June, 2022Day 1: La Léchère les Bains – Valloire
Tuesday 28th June, 2022Day 2: Valloire – Alpe d’Huez
Wednesday 29th June, 2022Day 3: Alpe d’Huez – Risoul
Thursday 30th June, 2022Day 4: Risoul – Auron
Friday 1st July, 2022Day 5: Auron – Nice
Saturday 2nd July, 2022Individual travel home

We invite you to take a look around the rest of the website, which offers some details of the ride and the charities that the ride will be supporting and then if you’re interested in being a part of the ride, register that interest using the form on the ‘Register Interest’ page.

The key is being able to endure psychologically. When you’re not riding well, you think, why suffer? Why push yourself for four or five hours? The mountains are the pinnacle of suffering.

– Greg LeMond