Daily Routine

The expectation is that there will be a range of abilities across the group, from long-time cyclists able to sustain >4W/kg to former rugby players who can put out >1,600W peak power but who may opt to settle around 2.5W/kg over several hours.

Such a range of power to weight ratios will produce very different speeds over long climbs, so to avoid anyone being left behind or others having to wait, the plan will be to stagger departure times each morning.

While this won’t be an exact science, each participant will be asked to establish their functional threshold power (FTP) before the ride which, when expressed as a W/kg figure will allow for a crude calculation of the riding time each day, or declare an average speed for the day’s riding that they will be comfortable meeting. Working back from this, groups of riders of similar W/kg figures or average speeds will set off at intervals with the goal of everyone arriving at the end of each stage at a similar time. This should also help the support crew keep track of where riders are throughout the day.

No-one will be forced to adhere to this protocol, should riders wish to ride alongside friends with higher or lower W/kg values, and depending on levels of fatigue / energy riders could change groups each day at their discretion.

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