This is not a race………………unless you count the race against yourself to complete a col in a certain time, or the race against your mate for Alpe d’Huez bragging rights. This is about you, the road and any of the dark places you choose to take yourself to when pushing for a personal best or when trying not to lose the wheel in front. Or maybe it’s just about getting from a glass of red in one host city to another glass of red in the next host city. Whatever it is for you, you will have the chance to enjoy it in the company of like-minded souls.

Above all, this is about raising money for charity; it’s about taking time away from the office, cycling through some of the world’s most epic landscape and – just for a moment – unashamedly letting those dreams of breaking away to a Tour de France mountain stage victory run wild.

Given those objectives, a lot of thought has gone into planning the ride. The route needs to be sufficiently challenging that seasoned cyclists would be attracted to it as a way of testing themselves and taking on the kind of cycling that doesn’t exist in the UK, but not so challenging that those who put themselves in the ‘happy amateur’ category would consider it too hard and be put off. As a result, where practical, riders will get a choice of two routes of differing difficulty each day or the option of taking the ‘sag wagon’ for a part of a stage.


All routes, course profiles, host cities and accommodation options are subject to change depending on the route taken by the 2022 Tour de France. The fundamentals of the ride – starting in the Alps and finishing in Nice after 5 days of riding – will remain the same.

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