Unlike Zwift which is set in an entirely virtual world, Rouvy uses augmented reality to deliver route simulation of over 2,000 real-life video routes from around the world, as well as over 4,000 workouts created and shared by the Rouvy community.

Rouvy is not as popular as Zwift; the augmented reality is much less sophisticated and the sense of community pales into comparison – on joining a Rouvy route it’s possible there may only be 1 or 2 others riding the same route, whereas at any given time of day there will be anything from 1,000 – 10,000 other riders sharing the same Zwift virtual world.

One advantage Rouvy does have over Zwift is that by using real world routes, it is possible to train on the very roads that will be part of Riding The Giants 2020. The following routes on Rouvy cover all or part of the following days’ stages:

Col de la Madeleine (Day 1)
Les Lacets de Montvernier (Day 1)
Col du Télégraphe (Day 1)
Col du Galibier (Day 2)
Alpe d’Huez (Day 2)
Col de Sarenne from Alpe d’Huez (Day 3)
Col du Lautaret (Day 3)
Col d’Izoard (Day 3)
Col de Vars (Day 4)
Cime de la Bonette (Day 4)
Col de Vars (Day 4)
Col de Vence (Day 5)

To get started with Rouvy, the same indoor trainer and peripherals required by Zwift will be needed. For more details, see the link on the Saris website about getting set-up with Rouvy.

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