Zwift allows players to ride their bicycles on stationary trainers while navigating through six virtual worlds (Watopia, Paris, France, Richmond, London, Innsbruck, Yorkshire, and New York. The seventh world, Bologna, is available for certain time trial events, and the eighth, Crit City, is available for short, criterium-style, races). Players may cycle freely around the game world and join organized group rides, races, or workouts with other users.

Zwift uses ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy technologies to transmit data that, in combination with athlete weight and equipment choices, is used to convert the athlete’s efforts as speed and power (watts). “Smart” trainers, which include a built-in power meter, permit accuracy in the measurement of watts as well as enabling an immersive technology experience, where resistance is applied or lessened to simulate the gradient encountered on the virtual course. Zwift estimates the power of users on conventional trainers via the user’s cadence and the power curve of a wide range of specified trainers.

Built into the Zwift application are hundreds of training programmes that users can follow each focusing on anything from endurance training to FTP improvement. In addition to training solo, riders can train together and even race against other riders from all around the world.

To get started on Zwift, refer to the following page on the Zwift website:

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